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Hole in One

Hole in One

Länge: 14:30
In this week's episode, entitled “Hole in One”, Gregg and his best friend Dan, back in their hippie days, are thrown together in a golf foursome with a couple of hot shot corporate lawyers from Boston. Every hole of this match made in hell is as funny as golf can be.
The Compulsive Storyteller Podcast is a series of short personal stories in 20 minutes or less written and narrated by me, Gregg LeFevre. New episodes will be released every other Wednesday across all podcast platforms.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 9.11.2022, 10:15:27


A podcast of short personal stories by visual artist and lifelong storyteller Gregg LeFevre. Gregg's life has always been about telling stories including his public art works all over America that tell the forgotten stories of small towns and big cities. The stories he tells on the podcast are more personal. In each episode he brings you an offbeat story or two from his life, in under 20 minutes. Season two features stories about him starting a landslide in Big Sur, finding himself on the receiving end of police brutality, and his experiences with the lighter side of Buddhist meditation.


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