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Episode 1: From garage to gridiron

Episode 1: From garage to gridiron

Länge: 28:20
A young Dick Vermeil grows up in Napa Valley, CA. It’s a tough life, but the seeds for his coaching philosophy are planted. He bops around from one coaching position to the next, improving his reputation with each move. 
Hear stories from Coach Vermeil, Coach Vermeil's brother Al Vermeil, and some of the first players he ever coached, many of whom he still keeps in touch!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 16.9.2022, 11:25:28


Return Game runs it back like never before. This Official Eagles Podcast takes you deep inside the most iconic moments in Philadelphia Eagles history, bringing you first-hand accounts of unbelievable games, unforgettable plays, unrelenting rivalries, and undeniable characters. Each season of Return Game features a never-heard-before take on a different time, team, personality, or moment in Eagles lore. Buckle up— this is team history straight from the people who lived it.


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