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Evolving Indonesian Sentiment - Helping Consumers Navigate Changes

Evolving Indonesian Sentiment - Helping Consumers Navigate Changes

Länge: 54:21
How do Indonesian consumers navigate through the changes in their life  during the pandemic? Now that Indonesia is entering a transition period  that is much longer than expected, what kind of lifestyle and behaviour  have changed? What can brands do?  
In this 6th installment of Embracing the Un-Normal Webinar, our experts  Dawn Herdman and Sophie Wibowo share the insights from our qualitative  study "Evolving Indonesian Consumers: Helping Consumers Navigate the  Ongoing Changes". For a full video of the webinar, visit this webinar in our Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/RiSxKA1Rv4U.
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Podcast about consumer insight and marketing from Illuminate Asia, a Strategic Insight Consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
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