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Mike Israetel: Diet Psychology | MSICS Podcast #2

Mike Israetel: Diet Psychology | MSICS Podcast #2

Länge: 59:10
Dr. Mike Israetel being interviewed by Moritz Kraska @msics_coaching on Diet Psychology.  
 0:00 Introduction 
2:57 How Mike introduces himself  
4:20 Mike´s current dieting status 
6:42 What to expect from a diet to just get leaner 
9:30 What to expect from contest prep diet 
11:41 How gaining can be more difficult than dieting 
14:08 What to expect from a mass phase 
18:12 Differences in (Mike´s) food selection from a mass phase to a dieting phase 
23:12 How to keep weight off after a diet 
30:27 Using the hedonic staircase to your advantage 
32:11 The role of motivation and habits in dieting and the typical phases of motivation 
42:57 Does dieting become easier over time? And does this apply to contest dieting? 
48:29 Fitness related topics Mike has changed his mind on in the past 5 years 
51:33 Insights from Brad Schoenfeld`s new book 53:50 Emerging research in the field of muscle hypertrophy and RP´s contributions 
55:06 Mike´s upcoming book "The scientific principles of hypertrophy training" 
56:19 my book recommendation for Mike (How to change your mind by Michael Pollan) 
57:31 Outro  
How to contact me: 
For Coaching send me an email to msics.coaching1@gmail.com
@msics_coaching on Instagram  
Where to find Mike and his work: 
@rpdrmike on Instagram 
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Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body.
In order for us to lead a fulfilled life we must have a solid foundation. While there are innumerable concepts of what a good and fulfilled life might look like, the foundation is always the same. Mental and physical health.
The aim of the podcast is to look at the importance of and relationship between mental and physical health as well as share and different perspectives from fields such as exercise science, psychology, neurosciences and nutrition science.


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