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Barcelona with kids: changing Pokemon cards

Barcelona with kids: changing Pokemon cards

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Barcelona with kids:😊
Where to change Pokémon cards in Barcelona
Do you have a lot of duplicate Pokémon cards?
Today we're talking about a place where your little ones can have fun changing their Pokemon cards with other kids.
This place is "el Mercat de Sant Antoni". Saint Antoni food Market
The inside of the market is closed on Sundays but outside there are plenty of stalls selling second-hand books and also small groups of childre gather around the market changing cards.
Children with their parents who, full of enthusiasm, show their collections to change the repeated cards.
They are usually located at the corner of Compte Urgell and Carrer Tamarit streets.
The metro station is "Sant Antoni".
The area around Sant Antoni Market is one of my favorite places in the city.
It is full of small restaurants of all kinds of cuisines and charming little corners to discover
A typical place of Barcelona and cosmopolite at a time
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