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A Spiritual Audit of Ogranization Structures with Felicia Uhm Part 3

A Spiritual Audit of Ogranization Structures with Felicia Uhm Part 3

Länge: 42:44
For decades a group of business people have been crossing the globe to discover and implement eternal principles for business. These marketplace ministers have tried to grasp what it means to get business into God’s business. Not surprisingly, they've had supernatural encounters on this business / missions journey. 
In our last 2 episodes of the podcast we continued to chat more about rethinking organizations and looking at how the teachings of 1 Corinthians 12 apply to businesses today. In this episode, we discuss X-Ordinary, my book that shares the stories of ordinary people doing and seeing extraordinary things. 
Be sure to join in for this third and final installment of a spiritual audit of organization structures.
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A podcast encouraging faith-based business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to get their business into God's business, and to the nations.
"Let my business go..." is an overall theme. "I feel it can be spoken from many perspectives. God saying, "Let my business go" ...to the church, the world, the devil. "Business is mine... I want it back."
It can be spoken to the business leader, "Let my business go." Your business is not yours, it is Mine. Release it to my hands. Release it to my purposes. Release it from the current constraints. Release it to be for the kingdom, not for your kingdom, etc.
The business leader saying, "Let my business go" as a prayer: let it go from the economic woes, the recession, the whatever, AND... "let my business go" to the nations, to the poor, to the needy... a "here I am, send us" prayer."
-- Brett Johnson, brettjohnson.biz


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