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"Attack the Block" (2011) feat. writer, director and actor Khanisha Foster

"Attack the Block" (2011) feat. writer, director and actor Khanisha Foster

Länge: 56:46
Want to watch a movie about lower income black and brown kids that shows their humanity  while they fight aliens? Actress,  writer and award winning director Khanisha Foster offers a masterclass in storytelling as we dissect this 2011 London-based sci fi film. 
Released in 2011, Attack the Block is a sci fi thriller Described by director Joe Cornish as “La Haine” meets “Alien”. Attack the Block stars a young John Boyega as Moses, the 15 year old leader of teen gang of five South London inner-city teens whose mugging of a well-off woman (played by Jodie Whittacker) gets interrupted by, that’s right, an alien invasion. Moses and the gang must arm themselves and protect the block, or get eaten.
Find out more about Khanisha here: https://www.khanishafoster.com/
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