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Battling a Plant Disease Pandemic - A story from the Royal Botanic Gardens

Battling a Plant Disease Pandemic - A story from the Royal Botanic Gardens

Länge: 25:34
This month we’re excited to share an episode from the fantastic ‘Branch Out’ Podcast from the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s a very timely topic about a contagious disease - but not for humans! In this episode, we’ll learn about Myrtle rust, a plant disease threatening many of our iconic species. Listen to this episode to hear how this killer works and what scientists are doing to stop it. You’ll discover cutting-edge science that is used to try and protect our environment.
For more from the Royal Botanic Gardens podcast - hosted by Vanessa Fuchs: https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/science/branch-out
Hosted by Edgars Greste @growloveproject in collaboration with NSW Saving our Species
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What are the opportunities for business to support threatened species?
We explore how landholders, tech companies and innovators are making a difference for threatened species and bringing them back from the brink.
Produced by the Grow Love Project for NSW Saving Our Species Program. To find out more visit Saving Our Species https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/animals-and-plants/threatened-species/saving-our-species-program


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