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Burn it Down and Fail Forward Fast - Justin Keenen CTO Hart House

Burn it Down and Fail Forward Fast - Justin Keenen CTO Hart House

Länge: 1:09:15
Justin Keenen, CTO of Kevin Hart's plant-based QSR, Hart House is redefining the role of tech in restaurants with his burn-it-down, fail-forward mentality. Justin's willingness to embrace change in tech and use it to create a remarkable experience establishes him as a titan in the industry.
Find out how Justin built his restaurant tech stack from the ground up to align with the Hart House brand vision.
Key Moments to Listen For:
Don't be afraid to burn it all down and start again. Fail forward. It's not legacy's fault that your restaurant tech hasn't been updated in 25 yearsDon't forget what you're running away from Tech is no longer optional in restaurants. It's a requirement Aligning tech with remarkability Best-of-breed vs all in onePutting your employees first 
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