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The Unspoken Impact of African and Female Philosophers | ft. Mistress X

The Unspoken Impact of African and Female Philosophers | ft. Mistress X

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Information to contact our guest below! We will be discussing will be of the unspoken impact of female philosophers and philosophers of color. Today there is a lack of female representation in classical philosophy. The contributions of philosophers, thinkers, and innovators of color seldom are included in modern day discourse. 
Learn about the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut, the African philosopher Zera Yacob, known as the African Descartes writing Enlightenment era ideas before western philosophy. We discuss influential women in philosophy such as Diotima of Mantinea, Hypatia of Alexandrea, and Héloïse d'Argenteuil. 
Guests website: XiaDolor.com and TheSuperiorityComplexxx.com
Our guest is Mxstress X  is a Dominatrix, Exotic Trustee, Evil Genius, and Ego Assassin who has an insatiable bloodlust for knowledge and mental exploration. She is an artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and kink educator. She works as consultant, but prefers the term mental mercenary, offering her knowledge of various topics to those brave enough to pay the price to expand the horizons of their mind. She’s also an activist, community organizer, event planner, creative director, and fetish model, among many other things it would be your utmost pleasure (or pain) to experience. She is currently raising hell and working on projects in the fields of sex tech, crypto art, and research and development, and welcomes all correspondence and cash from potential investors and acolytes to her cause.
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In a world where the road to truth is muddied with faith, euphemisms, and pretty much blatant lies. There lives a weary seeker of ultimate truth based on logic and reason.
My name is Kai, I'm The Tortured Orator. Welcome to my podcast. "Logical Poet: Poetry and Uncomfortable Truths".
On this podcast, we will feature my poetry, influential poetry of others, philosophical discussion, psychological discussion, and mathematical discussion really no topic is safe. I will even bring in various guests.
I hope to create an interactive community with you all and hope you enjoy tuning in.
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