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Coming out of the Fog: Taking Action and Gaining Clarity

Coming out of the Fog: Taking Action and Gaining Clarity

Länge: 17:30
Welcome to my first episode of Ready To Land. This podcast is a conversation about the process of changing course in your life after setbacks or losses and discovering the way back to yourself.
In this introductory episode, I share my own personal stories of disappointments and how they influenced my life and kept me stuck. I describe coming out of my fog as I managed to shift my mindset. Slowly, I unraveled my process and discovered the story I attached to my experience was stopping me from moving forward. Taking action and gaining clarity created a breakthrough, empowering me to step back into my life and become open to new opportunities.
My hope with this podcast is to create an environment that will help listeners feel understood and inspired by shared experiences of coming to terms with what is and opening up to what can be.  
In This Episode You Will Learn:
The meaning behind the title ‘Ready To Land’ (01:27)What helped me to stop ‘circling’ in my life (03:38)The story of how I became a skydiver (04:26)What I learned about the concept of thriving and grief (06:55)The definition of the acronym S.M.I.L.E (08:38)What I learned from my ability to survive through pain (10:38)Differentiating between the fact of the matter and the story (the fiction) you put around it to get unstuck (12:03)Why taking action has been such a pivotal part in my journey (14:02)
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Welcome to the Ready to Land podcast, I’m your host Christina Mantel.
Have you experienced setbacks and losses that have left you discouraged with your goals and dreams unfulfilled? Have you ever felt like you've been circling above an “airport” in a fog with no clear direction? It’s real, I’ve been there. Let’s talk about it. This podcast is a conversation about giving yourself permission to change course in your life and discover your way back to yourself. We'll discuss topics regarding self evolution and the journey of “landing” back into your life with new dreams and aspirations as you learn to feel again and have the courage to change course. I want to help you find the freedom to envision a new destination and create a plan to get you there. Come on this adventure with me, fasten your seat belt, and get Ready to Land.
Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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