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#227: How to be a Performance Analyst for Pro Tennis Players with Shane Liyanage

#227: How to be a Performance Analyst for Pro Tennis Players with Shane Liyanage

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Do you dream of working with elite athletes?
If you’re the analytical type, a career as a Performance Analyst could be just for you. To find out exactly how to get there and what it’s like, we’ve called on Shane Liyange, the champion Analyst of Australian Open winner, Aryna Sabalenka.
Shane’s experience:
Bachelor of Laws / Masters of Sport AnalyticsParalegal at Norton Rose FulbrightFinancial Analyst at Australian Federal GovernmentBusiness Analyst at Victorian State GovernmentAnalytics Lead at Cricket AustraliaPerformance Data Scientist at Tennis AustraliaFounder and Principal Consultant at Data Driven Sports Analytics
We talk about Shane’s journey from law to sport, how he learnt to be an incredible analyst, getting his first professional athlete client, and tips, tricks and habits that keep him at the top of his game.
If you aspire to be a Performance Analyst or want new insight into the numbers behind professional tennis players, dive into this chat with Shane Liyange.
We cover:
(04:18) - SportsGrad Community Update
(11:49) - Interview with Shane Liyange
(11:53) - Working on the Australian Open with Aryna Sabalenka
(16:44) - Career journey from Paralegal to Founder and Performance Analyst
(20:56) - Shane’s approach to data analysis
(21:56) - How to analyze an upcoming opponent 
(24:37) - The relationship between a coach and an analyst
(27:02) - Typical day in the life of a Performance Analyst, and unique insights of tennis
(37:48) - Shane’s work habits that keep him productive
(41:52) - Key tools and platforms for analysis 
(46:32) - How content creation led to new professional tennis clients 
(48:15) - Best advice for people looking to get into Performance Analytics
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