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Building your a fan base on steroids ft Clayton Blaha of Audius

Building your a fan base on steroids ft Clayton Blaha of Audius

Länge: 57:28
Do you know you're missing out tremendously if you aren't building community? Once I realized this I switched gears with my marketing. Since then I've always been focused on better ways to attract new folks and entertain my current community. Numerous times I've heard the name Audius mentioned but I wasn't quite sure why this name kept popping up. After some investigation I found they take community building to an entirely different level. So I had to satisfy my curiosity ya'll and I'm glad I did. Clayton Blaha, Head of Partnerships over at Audius, and I discuss the platform. I had to find out why this platform has over 5 million daily active users. They also have some very invested notable figures utilizing as well. Take a listen to this episode and what you'll find will shift your mind. 
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