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The Nutritionist 2022 October Dr Tom Tylutki

The Nutritionist 2022 October Dr Tom Tylutki

Länge: 2:11:31
Dr Tom Tylutki, AMTS CEO
October 13, 2022
Formulating for Profit and a better Environment
Our own, Tom Tylutki, will use the CNCPS-based AMTS formulation model to look at the effect various feeds and diets will have on emissions. The excretion and emission equations in the CNCPS allow you to formulate with those results in mind. Tom discusses some of the thoughts and products mentioned in earlier webinars but then pivots some what to look at where real efforts can be placed. What are the best strategies. For more of Tom’s past formulation focused webinars; look at 2015, 2016, 2020, Feb 2021, and Oct 2021
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The full benefit of The Nutritionist Series is gained by watching the archived webinars. We have received requests that we make the series available as podcasts that can be downloaded to mp3 compatible devices. Please note that in some talks the video is necessary to fully understand the concept described.
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