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In Conversation with 'Whispering' Bob Harris | Part 3

In Conversation with 'Whispering' Bob Harris | Part 3

Länge: 47:54
In this final part of my conversation with Bob we talk more on love, family, friendship, Pina Coladas, cricket, toast......we really cover some ground!
This conversation may have ended here, but I am thrilled to say we have forged the most wonderful friendship as a result of this time together. We are kindred spirits when it comes to our love of music and nature and I am now blessed to call him a friend and enjoy many more chats with him, week on week.
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The Cutlery Club host a series of supper club salons throughout the year, each featuring a guest speaker - often ordinary people doing some extraordinary things. This podcast is me, Isobel Cripps, founder of the Salons, in conversation with those speakers and guests, getting to know them a little bit better, whilst giving you, the listener, an insight into the kind of people this exclusive Supper Club hosts.
We’ll be digging in to 3 courses of satisfying conversation with the occasional 'food fight' to finish off!


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