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David Sparks

David Sparks

Länge: 46:53
In this episode, I talk with David Sparks. David is a self-described lifelong nerd in the world of Apple technology, and for more than 15 years, has been publishing his writing, screencasts, and other content on his website, MacSparky. He's also a podcast host on several Relay.fm podcasts (Mac Power Users, Focused, and Automators), and runs a membership program on his site through which David offers even more content that others can use to help improve their lives through technology. 
Links to David's Work
MacSparky Labs
Automators - Relay FM
Focused - Relay FM 
Mac Power Users - Relay FM
A Collection of David's Posts on Hyper Scheduling & Time Management
Links to Other Work Mentioned
Focused #149: Asking Questions, with Marc Champagne - Relay FM
Behind the Human (Marc Champagne)
Wall Street Journal's Study on TikTok's Algorithm
David's Inspirations & Recommendations
Doc Martin
Show Links
Creative Consumption Website
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