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Student Voices from Post Coup Myanmar and their plight

Student Voices from Post Coup Myanmar and their plight

Länge: 1:33:16
In this episode, International Immersion had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest in an online class of Myanmar students who have been affected by the military coup. We were able to ask them a number of questions and hear their responses and take questions from them, due to the limited English ability of some of the students, this episode was conducted in English and their native language Kachin. 
The following were the questions we asked these students:
How would you describe Myanmar to an outsider?
What do you think of the military coup?
What do you want the outside world to know about the coup?
How has the coup affected you?
How can the people of Myanmar resist?
What can the outside world do to help?
What type of government do you want?
What is your dream bott for you and your county?
Please let us know what you think of International Immersion.
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