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Become A Superhuman With Juris Skribans

Become A Superhuman With Juris Skribans

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Juris Skribans is a sports nutritionist and strength coach with a diverse background in education and personal development.  He was born in the Soviet Union, raised in independent Latvia, and currently resides in United Kingdom.  At an early age he learned to speak 4 languages fluently which is a reflection of his obsession for learning.
Juris has a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition and works not only with overwhelmed business owners but also for World’s Strongest Man competitors.  His passion for basketball, combined with his experiences skydiving and scuba diving, make for a unique perspective on pushing oneself beyond boundaries. He has a strong background in strength training and a preference for sour flavors, and finds solace in reading.  His experiences, combined with his work with Tony Robbins coaching, makes Juris a valuable addition to any conversation on personal growth and pushing past limitations.
Connect with Juris:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jurisskribans/
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@jurisskribans
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