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Brain Tools and Tests For Neuro Feedback - Peak Brain Institute Part 3

Brain Tools and Tests For Neuro Feedback - Peak Brain Institute Part 3

Länge: 25:28
Today, Dr. Andrew Hill from Peak Brain Institute discusses brain mapping and the services offered at Peak Brain Institute.
"At Peak Brain, we like to think of ourselves as a gym for the brain, helping individuals overcome cognitive challenges and reach their peak performance goals. Our training protocols include Quantitative EEG "brain mapping" assessments, neurofeedback training, heart rate variability biofeedback, and mindfulness meditation. We have a team of EEG technicians and mindfulness facilitators who work with clients as their personal brain coaches.
Our brain mapping assessments, also known as Quantitative EEG, provide a detailed understanding of an individual's brain function and activity. This information is then used to create a personalized training plan for each client, utilizing neurofeedback, biofeedback, and mindfulness practices.
We offer alternative interventions for a variety of cognitive and mental health issues, including: focus, attention, creativity, traumatic stress, mood, sleep, migraines, hyperactivity, rumination, impulsivity, perseveration, seizures, alcohol recovery, test preparation, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries.
We believe that by understanding the unique functioning of an individual's brain, we can provide targeted and effective interventions to improve cognitive and mental health. Thank you for considering Peak Brain Institute for your brain training needs."
Dr. Andrew Hill - Peak Brain Institute
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