In easee we have two visions. To shape the future of electricity and to shape the future of business culture.
We love to develop mind blowing and revolutionizing products, and we know that we need the best people and culture to do it.
In our podcast we talk about our day to day challenges, how we overcome them and what we have learned this far.
Our dream is to inspire to other people to learn from our mistakes and our way of doing things, and to join us on our journey to make the world a better place.
Easee is a young company that was started in 2018, but the journey didn't start there, if started many, many years before that.
In 2019, our first operational year, we shipped 19k units and our revenue was close to 10M$.
In 2020, we have a goal to ship around 50k+ units and a revenue of 25M$. We are currently 40+ employees and we are located in 10 different countries, where we have established daughter companies in UK, The Netherlands and Germany.
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