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S2E20 - The Crossroads of Destiny

S2E20 - The Crossroads of Destiny

Season 2 Episode 20 of Avatar the Last Airbender
Länge: 55:10
Season finale! Zuko and Aang face their destiny. In a blow to Peter's season 2 predictions, Zuko sides with Azula. In confirmation of Peter's commentary, Toph remains OP. We discuss the meaning of destiny and what's to come for our the main cast.
This is episode 39 of Avatar: The First Viewing, the podcast where two first time viewers and a series veteran watch Avatar: The Last Airbender from start to finish. We go episode by episode to recount Aang's story. If you're a fan of ATLA or The Legend of Korra — or are watching for the first time — join us as we recount the series!
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Do you wish you could watch Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time again? Whether you’ve never seen the show or you’re a series veteran, join us as two first time viewers watch every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender alongside an Avatar expert.


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