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Episode 65: Nigel Marsh - Creative, Committed and a Little Crazy

Episode 65: Nigel Marsh - Creative, Committed and a Little Crazy

Länge: 52:20
Nigel Marsh is the poster-boy for any professional looking to navigate the tricky balance of family, career and personal goals, whilst having some fun along the way. A former ad-man, he is now a professional coach, speaker, best-selling author and award-winning podcaster.
The author of four books including his latest book ‘Smart, Stupid and Sixty’, he is the co-founder of Earth-Hour which is recognized as one of the most successful brand launches anywhere in the world. Nigel also founded and runs The Sydney Skinny - a mass nude swim that’s all about celebrating body positivity.  His TED speech on work/life balance remains one of the most popular ever given outside of the USA with over 6 million views. Amongst his other roles he is a proud ambassador of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and host of the award-winning Five of My Life podcast.
Challenged by Chris and Paul to explain why creativity in business is often stifled, he suggested that it’s all about defining clear goals and then pursuing them ferociously - harnessing creative tools along the way if they help you get there.
His hilarious and insightful book ‘Smart Stupid and Sixty’ is Chris’ book of the year.
Nigel Marsh - Special Guest
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigel-marsh-28790416/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nigel_marsh/
Website- https://nigelmarsh.com/
Australian Indigenous Education Foundation - http://www.aief.com.au/
Sydney Skinny - Sydney Skinny Plantation Shutters and Outdoor Blinds (thesydneyskinny.com.au)
Earth Hour https://www.earthhour.org.au
Smart, Stupid and Sixty - Smart, Stupid and Sixty 
Fit, Fifty and Fired Up - Fit, Fifty and Fired Up 
Overworked and Underlaid - Overworked and Underlaid 
Fat, Forty and Fired - Fat, Forty and Fired 
Podcast: The Five of My Life
Paul Fairweather - Co-host
Chris Meredith - Co-host
Two Common Creatives
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The Common Creative - But Never Ordinary A podcast series with Paul Fairweather and Chris Meredith
The worlds of business, home and play are all starved of creativity.  From an early age, we’re taught how to analyse, critique and simplify but the tools for exploring, ideating and creating are assumed to be instinctive.  The Common Creative is all about bringing creativity back into everyday life - understanding the essence of creativity and making creativity a common as a loaf of bread and as well understood as a common language.
Hosts Paul Fairweather and Chris Meredith are both creative thought-leaders and have been bonded by a common passion for creating and sharing something new and inspiring every day. Paul paints a watercolour of the household object and posts the image on IG “@everythink”, Chris photographs the same beach each and every day and posts the image on IG “@thisisbalmoral”
By day, Paul Fairweather is a Brisbane-based, speaker, author,  mentor,  architect and artist. Chris Meredith is a Sydney-based, business coach, innovation consultant, and award-winning photo-artist.
Each podcast explores a different aspect of creativity. Recent topics have included: Energy, Time, Constraints and even the Impact of Covid-19 (why not?!) 
The podcasts are ideal for anyone looking to get out of a rut and deliver stuff that goes beyond the norm.
Join us for our conversations and surprising guests to unlock your own creativity. 


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