The Abundant CEO Podcast with Sarah Sampana is all about growing yourself to be the most abundant version of yourself and becoming the boss of your life. Unlocking your truth, creating magic in your world, elevating your energy and becoming empowered to chase your dreams and live a life full of joy and abundance. Join me and inspiring women as we share our stories, our struggles and our wins and I hope that it reminds you that all things are possible once you've decided that you are no longer available for playing small or allowing fear to stop you from having a magical life. Let's connectIf you enjoyed this episode and you have a takeaway to share, I would love to hear about it. Please take a screenshot and post it on your insta stories tagging me @sarah_sampana_coaching I would love it if you could leave me a review on Apple podcast so this podcast can be shared with more women who need to hear my magic. Also don’t forget to subscribe or add to your favorites list! Come join the FB group: Unlock Your Magic at can find out more about my services at


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