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365 Opportunities to Write Your Book in 2023

365 Opportunities to Write Your Book in 2023

Länge: 5:29
In our last episode you set your 2023 goals. Now you're going to use the time you have to make writing your book a habit.
Guess what? This year you have 365 opportunities to do just that. Okay, you're right. There are fewer opportunities now because it’s mid January, but still, that leaves you with 353 days. 
So how do you make the most of these amazing days ahead as a writer? Listen in!
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It’s time to UNLOCK your creative potential! It’s been on your heart to write and self-publish a book. Maybe…You’re an entrepreneur or coach who wants a new lead generation tool…Or, you want to become a published author…Or, you want to leave a timeless legacy…Or, you have a story on your heart that is begging to be told…Writing a book is POSSIBLE. It’s simpler than you think to become a published author. After decades of having a first draft and finding myself stuck thinking, “How will I do this? How do I get my book into the world? Which publishing path is right for me?” I finally decided to take my power back and bring my book to LIFE. In less than 3 months I was able to self-publish my first book! And, now my mission is to help you do the same. In this podcast you will learn how to:- Start Writing- Find time to write- Get unstuck and find motivation- Learn the complete process of writing a book- Uncover your unique story and who you’re writing for- Self-publish- Market your first bookAnd hear from inspiring guests who have had success and are going to share all their secrets! You can do anything with your God-led creativity. If you are ready to step into UNLOCKING your own potential in your life, you're in the right place. I'm your girl. Grab your cat, your coffee, and turn on your computer. Let's write!Connect -> hello@theunlockedcreative.comCommunity -> http://bit.ly/theunlockedcreativecommunityWork with Siobhan -> hello@theunlockedcreative.com


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