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Ja Morant Rant

Ja Morant Rant

Länge: 45:08
Join Monish and Nishant as they talk about everything happening around the NBA. How will the Ja Morant controversy and absence from the team hurt the Grizzlies? What’s the first-round matchup that’d be the most fun as a viewer? Luka vs Booker? KD vs Warriors? And finally, how many players in the league can be the best player on a championship squad? All of this has and a lot more on today's episode of the Airball Diaries.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 7.3.2023, 21:54:41


A podcast with a desi take on all things NBA - join Monish and Nishant as they discuss the latest stories and matches from the NBA with a booster shot of data, opinions and sarcasm! Support this podcast


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