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Forged in Fire's Doug Marcaida

Forged in Fire's Doug Marcaida

Länge: 1:13:42
We sit down with Doug Marcaida of the History Channel's Forged in Fire and talk about his roots in Filipino Martial Arts, his philosophies, and how he came up with the phrase: "It will KEAL".02
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Erscheinungs­datum: 10.4.2022, 10:14:37


An informal discussion among friends who share a passion for the Martial Arts: Dr. Sixto Carlos, Founder of Carlos Hermanos Stick and Knife Fighting and Founding Head of Libre Knife Fighting Philippines, Dax Cordero Libre Knife Fighting Instructor and Head of Urban Combatives Philippines Study Group, Professor Franco Rulloda, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, DEFTAC Philippines, Alfred Gealogo, BJJ and Muay Thai practitioner, Carlos Hermanos and Libre Knife Fighting Instructor, and Baste Carlos Co-Founder of Carlos Hermanos Stick and Knife Fighting.


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