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EP 47 "The Evolving Woman: How to Define Womanhood on Your Terms" w/ Alisha Small

EP 47 "The Evolving Woman: How to Define Womanhood on Your Terms" w/ Alisha Small

Länge: 58:36
Join personal development and self-care coach Alisha Small and me as we explore what it means to evolve and define your womanhood through each season in life. We talk about redefining your identity, the importance of boundaries to tap into your feminity, and how to evolve while being a mother/partnered. You are not a finished product; no one is! Breaking out of the preset mold can be challenging in a world that pressures women to stick to specific roles and ways of being.  This episode will leave you feeling empowered to be audacious in your journey of womanhood!
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Black women are trendsetters and always doing the damn thing! Audacity is in our DNA! The Audacious Black Girl podcast is your spot for empowering conversations around mental health, healing, self-care, personal development, and more for visionary black women! Hosted by Amanda L. Paul, a psychotherapist, who serves as your guide and mentor on your audacious journey!Follow Amanda @audaciousblackgirl https://www.instagram.com/audaciousblackgirl/New Episode every other Wednesday!


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