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Ally, Erin and the Lower Decks Episode 1

Ally, Erin and the Lower Decks Episode 1

Länge: 37:28
Star Trek: Lower Decks is here and Ally and Erin are talking about it!
Ally and Erin are friends and former co-workers. Ally is new to Star Trek, Erin is a lifelong fan. Follow us as we join the crew of the Cerritos on their adventures! If you like our podcast we would love to hear from you, send us a message on twitter or instagram via @aemultiverse and subscribe to the podcast.
Thanks for your support, and don't forget to keep those blast shields up!
Logo art by Leen Isabel
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Erscheinungs­datum: 17.8.2020, 09:45:00


Ally and Erin are two friends and former co-workers who are chatting about super-shows. Ally is relatively new to these types of shows and Erin is a massive nerd who is excited to share her love of them. Their goal is to have a fun chat once a week and maybe entertain a few people along the way.


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