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Episode 1: Airplanes

Episode 1: Airplanes

Länge: 17:30
Both Xavier and Tomás are obsessed with airplanes. Our first stories by Xavier and Tomas take place largely in airplanes with unplanned detours. These two true stories remind us how travel often helps us to see things from a new perspective. 
Story #1: “Business Class Fail” by Tomás 
Story #2: “Bismarck” by Xavier 
Editor: Xavier 
Mentor: Lizanne Wilson
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High school is a time to decipher identities - to learn what makes us who we are and how we are connected to each other. This summer, Xavier and Tomas recorded 8 true stories of identity and adventure from a remote Japanese Island, all the way to the northern rain forests of Guatemala!
Podcast Editor: Xavier Miyazaki
Mentor: Lizanne Wilson


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