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#121 Suzie Young - Leading Excellence in Marketing

#121 Suzie Young - Leading Excellence in Marketing

Länge: 34:23
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Two Minute TipBrad: Hey Suze, What would be your enterprise excellence Two Minute Tip to other marketers listening to this podcast? What advice would you give them in a short, sharp elevator pitch type approach? 
Suzie: I mentioned it before, but definitely the investing in a really good digital collaborative workspace tool. So I know a lot of marketing teams out there already sitting on different platforms like Trello, or Asana, there's a bunch of different ones. Wrike is another one. I think if you don't have something like that, that would be my recommendation. It's like a real game changer to get all of your work visual so that your whole team can collaborate and the gains that you're able to get in terms of, you know, speed and execution of campaigns and projects. Ensuring that approvals happen when they need to. Ensuring you've got teams focused on the right priorities around your business. So it's well worth investigating for your own team. 
Brad: Yeah, using technology for good. That's a great outcome. 
Suzie: And it's all like pretty inexpensive, too. So I'll say maybe there's a perception sometimes it's going to cost lots of money. The first two years we were on Trello, we used the free version. So it was only a couple years ago that we started paying, and it's peanuts compared to other investments that you'll make in marketing. So yeah, it doesn't have to be expensive. It can be really simple.
Brad: Yeah, that's awesome. 
Episode Links:Youtube Full episode: https://youtu.be/upXIXiUstoI
Youtube Two-Minute Tip: https://youtu.be/VEX-kUpohm4
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Contacts:Brad: LinkedIn here or call him on 0402 448 445 or email bjeavons@iqi.com.au.
Suzie: is contactable on LinkedIn.
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