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Ep. 15: Lady Gaga's "Joanne"

Ep. 15: Lady Gaga's "Joanne"

Länge: 39:01
Our second season comes to an end with the first artist to have had two (flop) albums reviewed by us...Lady Gaga! "Joanne," the singer's fifth-studio album, was a pivot with a back-to-basis country rock-tinged sound and a big ol' pink floppy hat. Did Gaga come off as authentic, though? Steve, Mike & special co-host and Bop to the Music Co-Host Drew Adduci give their take!
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No matter how celebrated or remarkable a musician might be, there’s that one album in their discography that missed its mark. What stans call the ‘flop.’ But, was their album really as awful as critics and music fans made it out to be?
Mike Queroz, “Bop to This Music” podcast host, and Steve Mariani, former wannabe American Top 40 host turned advertising professional, sound off on that very question in Flopography.


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