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52 - pre 30 panic, quarter life crisis pt.2 listener submissions

52 - pre 30 panic, quarter life crisis pt.2 listener submissions

Länge: 45:35
part two of the quarter life crisis discussion ~ i read some submissions from listeners on the topic and provide my perspective and thoughts. i actually think in the months since recording these episodes i care even less about age and more about being hot and having fun!!! it's natural to feel external pressures on the timeline of your life, but your life is for you to define! would love to hear your thoughts on this topic please feel free to write to meeee! xx
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Welcome to Friend Crush with Amber Akilla ~ I'm a Chinese Australian DJ/creative consultant/writer/millennial in crisis and this is a space where I'll discuss self discovery, dating, pop culture, current affairs and memes with my friends, with myself and with you!


Realy nice

de lonly Kevin
Helps me geht up, move on, love the Host such Good vibes and toughts.