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Spiritual Warfare Episode 2: Bind the Hand of the Enemy

Spiritual Warfare Episode 2: Bind the Hand of the Enemy

Länge: 33:12
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Erscheinungs­datum: 10.9.2022, 19:14:54


Living Within the Sweet Spot is something we all hope for, where you find your life purpose, healthy living, and an abundance that only God partnered living offers.
Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair while Niccie Kliegl, author of Awaking the Living Legacy, coach, and speaker connects, loves, and encourages you to give a sweet and honest look at your life, always taking into consideration that God loves you, and that trumps everything else!
Niccie helps you step into the Transforming power of the Trinity. Her deepest desire is for each person to know God and all the power that’s waiting to be unleashed in their life, for them to hear the Holy Spirit’s great wisdom that is whispered into each and every ear, and for all to know the love of Jesus, their dear Savior, who lives on, giving this same gracious gift, of transforming freedom.


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