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Dingo management across Australia | Angus Emmot

Dingo management across Australia | Angus Emmot

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Today's Wild Chat is with Angus Emmot a grazier, naturalist and owner of Noonbah Station found within the Longreach Shire, Queensland Australia.
Angus is well renowned for being the 3rd generation on Noonbah station and also for his naturalist work and amazing photography. Angus Works for the Queensland Museum and is not short of a project as he stands strong with his voice for topics such as Dingo management, farming and the latest with Fracking within the Lake Eyre Basin and Channel country.
Angus talks in depth about Australia's land apex predator, the Dingo, and how they are now classed as a Wild Dog and therefore targeted with poison in order to supposedly protect our farmers' livestock. 
Listen to the following Wild Chat to find out how removing the Dingo, an apex predator, can have devastating effects on the biodiversity of the habitats and ecosystems and what Angus did on his grazing land that has worked!
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Enjoy the following Wild Chat!
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