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Tough People Pleasing: From City Hall to Mental Health Entrepreneur with Haley Estelle

Tough People Pleasing: From City Hall to Mental Health Entrepreneur with Haley Estelle

Länge: 43:02
Haley Estelle, a tough cookie raised with three brothers in a low-income family, strives to find her place in the world as she struggles to please others and face the harsh reality of childhood trauma, all while attempting to redefine her own version of femininity.
"Practicing really standing my ground and saying 'no, this is what we're doing' is the biggest challenge." Haley Estelle
You will learn:
1. How Haley discovered the power of her voice
2. How her experience in public service shaped her views on government and bureaucracy.
3. How she navigated her career path, family and mental health issues and eventually moved into entrepreneurship.
Haley Estelle is the CEO of Be Better, Utah and a passionate public servant. She, her husband and team are building a social justice and trauma informed clinic to serve her local communities.
Haley had a tough childhood but found solace in her love for arts and crafts, cooking, and baking. She is a survivor who learned the importance of self-care and mental health after facing burnout in her career. Haley Estelle has now found her place in the world and is no longer afraid to be noticed.
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