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Year-Round Holiday Magic: The Bishop's Wife

Year-Round Holiday Magic: The Bishop's Wife

Länge: 21:05
So many holiday films in my rotation every year, and my favorites tend to be classic movies: absorbing emotional stories full of romantic, platonic and familial love, redemption arcs, and endings with joy and hope. The Bishop's Wife (1947) has it all, and it's a movie I watch throughout the year when I need comfort or inspiration. And you can't beat Cary Grant as an angel in a well-cut suit.
More about The Bishop's Wife director, writer, cast and crew.
A few fun behind the scenes pictures from my two favorite classic Christmas movies from Sister Celluloid.
OK this is the most bonkers vintage trailer I think I've ever seen. But you do get to see Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young running around the film lot, so that's fun.
A sweet exploration into why this movie is an underrated Christmas classic.
If you don't mind ads, you can watch the full The Bishop's Wife movie here. A Christmas miracle!
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