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Episode #11 Jeremee Gant | Biz Builders with Andrew Haines

Episode #11 Jeremee Gant | Biz Builders with Andrew Haines

Länge: 1:13:04
Episode #11 Jeremee Gant | Biz Builders with Andrew Haines 
Jeremee Gant is a first time business owner with his recent purchase of a Brightway Insurance Agency in Louisiana.   Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Gant moved to Louisiana his sophomore year of high school. He is married with three children and loves spending time with his family. Gant also enjoys networking, working out, reading and cooking. 
As a Brightway Agency Owner, he looks forward to providing expert counsel to help the people in his community protect their financial futures.  For more information about Brightway, The Jeremee Gant Agency, visit BrightwayJeremeeGant.com or call 225-478-0808.
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Welcome to Biz Builders with Andrew Haines - I'm Andrew Haines and I'll be your host of the show.  After spending the past 20+ years building businesses I wanted to find ways to help others start, and build their own businesses.  On the show I'll interview a variety of entrepreneurs, and key people that have helped start and/or build businesses.  Please tune in, and I hope you enjoy!


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