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21. Unexpectedly sexy.

21. Unexpectedly sexy.

Länge: 1:17:31
What's there to say? Science gets sexy in episode 21 as three more random characters are brought and things get a little spicy.
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Current list at the time of recording:
Ichiban KasugaGLaDOS Mother Brain KirbyBeatrix Kanji HK-47Kim Kitsuragi  FrogMeowscular Chef I Block - I tetrominoBlasto Jesse Faden Sam “Porter” BridgesBlobert Bowser Grimoire WeissDraculaKing of Red LionsSkull KidChris RedfieldTizoMorgana PaineViewtiful JoeRushDr. Wily GruntildaKing of All CosmosCooking MamaIgnis Stupeo Scientia GarbodorEnguardeOddjobPyramid Head Vincent Valentine Nina WilliamsJohnny CageProfessor Layton Francis York MorganMallowViggo RoligVincent Brooks NaviPhantom TrainBig the CatFunky KongGeorge StobbartGlass Joe Ashley Graham (RE4)James Neeson Bad DadKairi Tingle WakkaBoogermanDecoy OctopusChadley -1/30
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Leah, Rich and your host Brian use an extremely scientific process to develop the definitive list of the best videogame characters of all time.


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