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Tua's Concussion and the Warrior Ethos of the NFL

Tua's Concussion and the Warrior Ethos of the NFL

Reflections on "An Abundance of Caution" in our Guilty Pleasure
Länge: 37:20
Tarlin and Mike are back to talk about their guilty pleasure, the NFL, in light of the concussion(s) to Tua Tagovailoa in recent games--within four days from Sunday to Thursday night. We explore Tua's extensive injury history and find parallels in other players like Austin Collie who also displayed the "fencing position" after a concussion and who never returned to the same level afterwards.
We also reflect on the NFL's tendency to be reactive to situations like this and anticipate changes to the NFL concussion protocols in light of the Tua incident. Are they exhibiting "an abundance of caution" or are they ultimately driven by their bottom line? How did Coach Mike McDaniel, the Players Association, and the NFL respond and what lessons can we learn from there? And what do we think about the future of Thursday night games? We cover all of this and reflect on the joys of a good night's sleep. Don't miss it!
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What can we learn from legendary sports players and performances? In each episode of Running It Back, Tarlin Ray and Mike Palmer bring us back to moments from the past to find the stories that resonate with the events of today. If you forget history, you may be destined to repeat it. So be sure to run it back with us before you play it forward in these tumultuous times.


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