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Bringing Justice to Black History (BONUS EPISODE)

Bringing Justice to Black History (BONUS EPISODE)

Länge: 21:52
While I am in the midst of studying and learning more about Black History and Black struggle in a summer class I have been given the avenue to be creative in sharing all of that with you! Pairing As Always with my education is a pleasure, and I hope you learn something today! This episode includes a few topics I have gotten to dig deeper into in class as well as some encouragement on how to love our brothers and sisters well!
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The "As Always" Podcast hosted by Caroline Sherman is REAL talk about our REAL God. Meaningful conversations with friends, family, and mentors open up endless doors for us to discuss our individual walks in faith. The Lord never promised us an easy life, if anything He promised the opposite. "As Always" is a place to discuss our real every day struggles in faith and in life. This Podcast is inspired by Hebrews 13:8 - "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever". Here for honesty, The Gospel, and some laughs of course ;)
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