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We Had An R. Kelly Listening Party 🎊 🎈 🎉 - Part 2

We Had An R. Kelly Listening Party 🎊 🎈 🎉 - Part 2

Länge: 46:12
We finish up our listening party with a breakdown of the hit song I Admit it on R.Kellys aka Kells akaThe Pied Pipers brand new released album I Admit It 💿 .....its three parts to this 15 min song lol
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So This is What Happened.......We started a podcast! Rashad and Baaron, two Bay Area born and bred individuals who have consistently had to maneuver through life's wild situations, decided to share it with the world. So This Is What Happened....... is where these two are allowed to give their open and honest opinions on current events happening around the world and in their personal lives. Sit back, relax and find out exactly what happened!

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