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Länge: 15:38
The mind's eye is full of spirits
**Please wear headphones for the best experience**
EPISODE 1: IMAGINARY FRIENDS Sascha, Leslie, and Alice have an intimate discussion about the hauntings of their childhood. 
Written by Jeffrey James Keyes (NY Times Best Selling Author of Killer Chef with James Patterson)
Featuring: Caturah Brown as "Leslie", Samantha Lacey Johnson as "Sascha" & Dara Kramer as "Alice"
Original Score by Manuel Pelayo & Giancarlo Bonfanti
Directed & Produced by Aaron Salazar (Featured in NY TIMES)
Full Bios at https://www.poseidontheatrecompany.com/drama
IG at https://www.instagram.com/poseidon_theatre_company/
Twitter at https://twitter.com/PoseidonTheatre
Executive Producer: Alvarez Keko Salazar Productions
Presented by Poseidon Theatre Company
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Erscheinungs­datum: 1.10.2020, 06:30:00


It Begins.
Alvarez Keko Salazar Productions presents Poseidon Theatre Company’s (Featured in New York Times): DRAMA - an aural experience. Written by New York Times Best Selling Author Jeffrey James Keyes (Killer Chef with James Patterson). Enter into the world of the supernatural, paranormal, and mysterious in this new short story audio drama series, sonically designed for your headphones to create an unforgettable immersive audio experience.
Episodes begin October 1st. Directed by Aaron Salazar (Featured in the New York Times, NY Post, NY Daily News, TimeOut New York & Wall Street Journal & Winner of Immersion Nation Award for Best Environmental Immersion 2019, & Best Shows and Experiences 2018 from No Proscenium). Original Score by Manuel Pelayo & Giancarlo Bonfanti
The fall winds are whispering...in your ears...join us as we journey into the unknown.
Recorded & Produced in New York City.


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