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Get Out

Get Out

Länge: 22:56
Liz Coin and her friends break into a children's insane asylum only to discover the hard part is breaking out. And Amber Linde has a terrifying confrontation in a campground bathroom.
Original score by Ben Kinsinger. Check him out on Spotify.
Hosted and edited by Lisa Burton. Produced by Brad Pike.
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Produced by the Devil's Daughter Podcast Network.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 29.11.2021, 14:00:00


The clock strikes midnight and the Campfire is lit. A limited series for the month of October featuring real ghost stories told by the people who experienced them firsthand. Turn out the lights and turn up the volume. Hosted by Lisa Burton with musical score by Ben Kinsinger. Produced by the Devil's Daughter Podcast Network.


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