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Egil's Saga, Pt. 3, or, Warrior, Poet, Murderhobo

Egil's Saga, Pt. 3, or, Warrior, Poet, Murderhobo

Länge: 2:02:31
Episode Notes
The family drama continues in Part 3 of Egil’s Saga! This time, we watch Egil in his adult years, crashing parties and deepening the rift between his family and the King of Norway. Will anything ever be resolved between these dynasties? 
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Maniculum: little hand, pointing finger; often found in manuscript marginalia We’re Mac and Zoe - a medievalist PhD candidate and an academic-turned game designer, and we’re dedicated to breaking down the ivory tower of academia and making good stories accessible by pointing back to the rich world of the Middle Ages. ​ Join us as we find obscure medieval texts, contextualize them, and teach you how to create fresh stories and compelling games - not through new ideas, but old ones!


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