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115 - BAFTAS, Blue Jean & The OA (Season One)

115 - BAFTAS, Blue Jean & The OA (Season One)

Länge: 1:47:38
In this week's Sunday Series Marathon special, the gang take a look at season one of The OA as well as Blue Jean and the 2023 BAFTAS.
We built this city on SPOILERS!
00:00 - Intro
07:35 - BAFTAS
32:24 - Blue Jean
47:49 - The OA
Next week's marathon is a free for all in which we'll discuss Raw, The Wicker Man (1973) and Mermaids.
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Welcome to The Sunday Movie Marathon podcast! Every Sunday, Chris, Max and Darcie get together and marathon some films to discuss. Be it from a franchise or recommendations, the all-powerful spinning wheel decides!


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