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As we get into the swing of the holiday season, we have been seeing and hearing more requests for travel tips and other ways to make this time of the year a little more comfortable. Travel is often inevitable around the holidays but that doesn't mean it has to be stressful and pain-inducing! Today's episode features 10 things that you can take control of when travelling in order to minimize your risk of triggering a headache or a migraine.
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The Headache Doctor Podcast is on a mission to provide education and empower everyone with headaches and migraines to break free from a life of fear and dependence so that they can thrive in everything they do. Disclaimer: This advice is not meant to be a substitute for advice from a medical professional regarding diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. Always seek advice from your physician, physical therapist, or other qualified healthcare provider with questions you may have regarding a healthcare condition. Reliance on the information provided within this podcast is done solely at your own risk.


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