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"It's Not Easy Being Breen"

"It's Not Easy Being Breen"

The senior officers of DSX interrogate a Breen prisoner.
Länge: 48:47
For the season premiere of Deep Space X, Cmdr. Aster, Dr. Tamura, Dal Boket, and the Betazoid security officer, Lt. Emai, interrogate the first ever captive Breen prisoner. Known as Kiet the Shunned, he is an exile of the Breen Confederacy and rival of Aster.
Folgen-ID: 1000532666317
GUID: 8be9b6c6-dc93-4a22-937b-8740cd8e71e2
Erscheinungs­datum: 21.8.2021, 14:00:00


From the Brothers Pimm Society, a new actual-play podcast inspired by the universe of Star Trek. Released every other Saturday, tune in for galactic challenges, alien intrigue, and much more on the station known as Deep Space X.


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