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89. Using Human Design Types for Teams and Working with Others with Miranda Mitchell

89. Using Human Design Types for Teams and Working with Others with Miranda Mitchell

Länge: 37:07
Miranda Mitchell is an Energetic Alignment Coach and Traditional and Quantum™ Human Design Specialist who helps leaders in the industry align energetically so that they create more impact with sustainability and ease.
In this episode, Miranda shares her experiences and Human Design knowledge with us to talk all about using your Human Design when working with others!
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www.miranda@miranda-mitchell.com, @mirandajmitchell, www.aignedlivingacademy.com, @alignedliving_academy
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Welcome to The Magnetic Business Podcast! A show for service based entrepreneurs who are ready to live their purpose, share their passion and design a magnetic brand and business. Join host Lexie Sparrow, each and every week as she talks about the foundations of business building in a way that honours your unique energy.Listen for actionable mini trainings for starting and growing your business, chats with guest experts, and ideas to expand what’s possible for you and your business. Topics include: the energetics of business, conscious entrepreneurship, Human Design, using your intuition, exploring your spiritual side and proven, tangible business strategies in the areas of service design, marketing, content creation and more. It’s time to rethink the way you work, grow your impact and design a business that allows you thrive!@themagneticbusinesscoach // www.themagneticbusinesspodcast.com


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