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BONUS EP: Throwback - REAL TALK The Mental load

BONUS EP: Throwback - REAL TALK The Mental load

Länge: 40:57
Bringing you a throwback to our most listened to Real Talk episode.
Liv and I are talking all things 'mental load'. You know all of the invisible work that you do at home, to keep your household running; cooking dinner, childcare drop-off, packing lunches, washing clothes… the list goes on.
We discuss what the mental load looks like in our households and how we manage the great juggle that is parenthood. We also share the results from the Mental Load quiz that you all answered a few weeks back. The response was VERY insightful and a good laugh.
ABC podcast: Ladies we need to talk - 'Solving the mental load'
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Smashing the stigma on struggles faced by parents.
The podcast (aka the ‘pod’) was born out of my own challenges; combating pre and post-natal depression with both babies. As a proud first generation Melbourne, Greek/ Nigerian and recovering perfectionist, I felt ashamed and isolated in my struggles.
Why weren’t more people speaking about the topics that have a stigma associated with them? How did partners feel when they saw their other halves struggling? What did that do to the family dynamics?
The pod is a cocktail of:
Guest episodes; where we give voice to struggles experienced by both parents, getting the juice from both sides of the coinReal Talk episodes; where Liv and I discuss the trials & tribulations as boy mums raising toddlers in MelbourneThe Vault episodes; where we hear from our community about what keeps them up at night (recordings remain anonymous).
Welcome to our world, where nothing is perfect, but everything is real AF.
Join our community on instagram: @parenthoodpod
Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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