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While We Wait for the World’s End

While We Wait for the World’s End

Länge: 36:22
For his most recent book, Notes from an Apocalypse, Mark O’Connell traveled around the world, visiting people and visiting places. He documents an attempt to come to grips with how a fear about the end of the world has affected the lives of different people and shaped different landscapes. It is a surprisingly complex topic that touches on not only the environment, but also race, gender, class, wealth, and modern society. For this episode, we’re going to talk about this expansive project and about how he has welded a variety of notes into a single book about our 21stcenturies fears for the future.
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The Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement at Dartmouth, (ICE@Dartmouth) is dedicated to transforming the dialogue between the sciences and the humanities in order to explore fundamental questions where a cross-disciplinary approach is essential. ICE hosts and funds in-residence fellows to further its core mission and to foment new directions for the engagement of the sciences, the humanities, and human spirituality.
In each episode the host, Franklin Jacoby, will converse with one of the past fellows of ICE about their work.


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